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Hey everyone! I'm back with another haul for you guys. This time round I'll be covering the Korean brand innisfree (spelt with a lowercase i).
So innisfree is a brand that focuses on the natural. They place emphasis on sharing the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju to allow for vibrant beauty and pursue Eco-green life to preserve the balance of nature.
This can be seen in their simple packaging of their products which I really like and their use of recyclable bags.
A new store recently opened up in the mall where I worked at so one day after my shift I popped by and bought a few things.

Mineral Water Foundation

Despite all the craze of BB cream and CC cream, I never really got onto that bandwagon and because my skin is really sensitive, I didn't have a good impression on them. But, while I was in Korea last year I was introduced to this. 
It contains SPF13 with PA+ and I use the shade #13 White Beige (it's an exact match to my skin tone\o/).
The consistency is lightweight and applies on quite sheer. The foundation while buildable, may only be able to get to a (maybe) medium coverage. So if covering up enflamed pimples what you're looking for, it might not be for you. However, if you are looking to just even out your skin tone, it does a really good job and has a matte finish. It also does NOT (thankfully) have a yellowish or greyish cast after applying it. 
This is my holy grail foundation that I would use for everyday wear.

Mineral Moisture Foundation

Since I liked the previous foundation from them so much, I decided to try their Mineral Moisture Foundation too. The packaging reads 
"This highly enriched moisture foundation covers your skin with dewy moisture as if applied with essence." and it comes with SPF34 and PA++
I decided to go with the shade #C1. This stands for Cool 1 and they have both warm and cool tones in shades 1 to 3. Sadly, it isn't an exact match to my skin as the previous foundation but it is pretty close.
Upon application, there is an immediate difference in the consistency. This foundation is slightly thicker and oilier, probably due to the higher sunblock content. A slightly higher coverage but I would still put it as sheer to medium coverage.
It does give you the dewy look that Korean make up loves giving you.
Here are the swatches of the two foundations on my hand on. On the left is the mineral water foundation and the right is the mineral moisture foundation. As you can see the difference is minute but the second one is the slightest bit more yellow based.

Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Part of their reknowned Jeju Volcanic range. It does not have any artificial smell and is really gentle on the skin. 
It has no artificial fragrance, parabens or artificial pigments. Nor does it contain Benzephenone, Ethanol, animal ingredients or mineral oil. This results in the mask itself being a very thick greyish cream. 
It applies on your skin very smoothly and after drying, it hardens but it doesn't harden so much that you can't move your face.
**One thing that I will have to say is that although there is no smell after the mask starts to dry, on initial application the mask does have a bit of a sulphur smell so for those who are allergic to sulphur or minerals related to sulphur, best to stay safe and not try it.
After using the product for a while I do notice a small difference in my skin. It has less patches of irritated redness popping out and my skin looks cleaner and brighter.
It also works well as a spot treatment. Just leave a tiny bit of the product on your pimple overnight and the next morning you do see quite a big difference.
It's a good dupe for the Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque.

Colour Glow Lipstick 
Remember this iconic picture? The shade that Yoona is wearing is #6 Maple Burgundy Pink. Even though it came out last year, this shade is still very much wearable this fall as the point colour for lips this fall season is a Merlot tone, which is a slight blue tinged red or purpleish tone. The lipstick itself contains Camellia Oil extract which adds a slightly moisturising tinge to it without being sticky. 

I personally like the fact that you can layer the colour to whatever suits you so it can go from a day to night make up.However, if you wish to apply a full lip colour, you might have to use a lip brush as it's not easy to outline your lips just using the product itself.
It is a beautiful colour though.
Here's a picture of the colour in natural lighting as well as a swatch.

 Camellia Shine Hair Essence

The product comes in a translucent red plastic bottle but the serum itself runs clear. It comes with a pump which makes it very manageable.
The directions on the bottle itself read that we are to use the product after shampooing and drying your hair with a towel. Two pumps of the product can be used for the whole head of hair.
 However, if you do have longer or thicker hair, you should probably use as you see fit.
Camellia is a very popular ingredient to hair care producs in Japan as brands such as Shiseido Tsubaki and Shu emura incorporate it into their hair products as well.
From what the store assistant shared with me, the essence is good for people who have dryer or damaged straight hair. Which is good for me as I have colour damaged straight hair. As a person who doesn't even use conditioner I was able to really see the difference this product did to my hair. Not only does the product detangle my hair but it makes it more manageable as well. It also is softer and glossier than before. 
I like that it has all these benefits with such a lightweight serum and after applying your hands don't have the sticky, oily thick residue that some serums leave you with.

Just a disclaimer that this is not a sponsored post. 
None of these products were sponsored or given for free.
Also, each person may take to different products differently so this is just my take on them.
I do have more hauls coming up soon.

Do not take without proper credit!
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Me :D, innisfree

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