Do Sunggyu and 100% have the same stylist?

Or do K-pop stylists think alike? Hmm... 
In INFINITE's "Back" MV and 100%'s "U Beauty" dance practice video, two of the same shirts have been worn.
 Sunggyu and Changbum are both wearing Hamsa Towel Apron T-shirt from KTZ. However, the front design on Changbum is off so it's either a different design or a knockoff. I'm leaning more towards the latter because of the group's popularity, which relates to their costume budget and how much sponsorship they get. Same stylist or not, they definitely aren't sharing shirts.

Thanks to reader Kitty for this find! ♡(´ε` ) I actually posted a request for this shirt and she is awesome to provide the buylink :D
Hyukjin and Sunggyu are both wearing the M.T.L.O sign T-shirt in black from Korean brand MATALEAO. You may buy it here, it's not that expensive!

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