Going through this music video trying to make finds nearly gave me a seizure. I am so dizzy right now @[email protected] Just a note, most of these finds are T-ARA members wearing out-of-season knockoffs of the real thing. While I was eating dinner with two of my friends I brought this up because a famous group like them should be sponsored by designer brands. They said because of their scandals, Core Contents Media lost money and the companies they did CFs for pulled their contracts with them. Maybe that's a reason why they signed a contract with a Chinese entertainment company? My friends also joked that their stylists went to Hongdae for the trendy knockoffs~
Boram is wearing a Tom Ford dress [knockoff] from his F/W 2014 collection. No buylink but Ford said it sells for $6,500. Notice how the original design has sequins and hers doesn't. The stylists cut the front part of the dress to show off her legs.
Here she is wearing the College Wildcats Crop Tee in white from (possibly?) Topshop. I think Topshop only sold it in red so this could also be a knockoff. However the shirt originally only cost 24 USD so not sure why there would be a fake if it's already affordable in the first place.
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Core Contents Media, Topshop, rightful owner of Tom Ford catwalk shot
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