MCM x EXO Collaboration

What better than to be helpful and provide buylinks (in English)? I went to the original site where the MCM x EXO Collaboration photos are and it's great that they saved me a bunch of time from doing finds, but no buylinks in English!! Plus if someone who can't read Korean actually wanted to buy, he/she would have a very difficult time checking out. Here are buylinks in English.

WARNING: Image heavy

In order from left to right of the photo:

At Chanyeol's feet, the Stark Brock Backpack in black. Buy here.

Between Sehun's legs, the Camo Lion Stark Backpack in black. Click on the photo!

At D.O's feet, the Stencil Lion Duke Backpack in gray. Buy here.
Lay is holding the Jaguar Visetos Stark Backpack in brown. Click on the photo to check it out.

 Lu Han is carrying the Stark Camo Lion Document Case. Buy here.

Kai is squatting behind the Elaphe Duke Backpack. Couldn't find an English buylink for now but hopefully there will be in the future. In the meantime you can take a closer look in Korean here.

Chen is holding the Jaguar Visetos Stark Sling. Perhaps not available outside Korea as only this buylink could be found. This website has it too and apparently ships internationally from Korea. It doesn't look like a scam site, has anyone used it? If so, please comment below about your experience ordering from there. 

Xiumin is sitting next to Camo Lion Stark Backpack in rusty graffiti red and burnt sienna (wow the color names are so accurate). Tao has the same item slung over his shoulder.
At Baekhyun's feet is the Jaguar Visetos Stark Backpack in gray. Click on the photo for details!

That's everything in this photo!

  (ॢ˘⌣˘ ॢ⑅) Shelley

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Image Credits: MCM, choicestore, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harrods, Forzieri, momokorea, Bloomingdale's
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