Krystal, Hyosung and Jessica finds in one post :)

Hey guys, do you remember the message I left on A Pink's Hayoung's O'2nd shirt post to telling them to stop copying our finds............. well they stole that find too with the same pictures........I think they got the message......NOT.
How can anybody be so rude???????
Sorry guys if this stealing will continue I'll have to resign....I can't handle the pressure anymore.....I'm sorry

I just hope they won't take this find because this find I actually discovered in the H&M store while shopping.
Krystal's sweater from her and Jessica's Lapalette pictures is from H&M.
Buy it here
I only found the white version online but in stores I saw the blue if you want the same colour head to your nearest H&M store and I'm sure you'll find it

SECRET's Hyosung wore the white version

Remember when I posted Krystal's Arche t-shirt I said that I'll post some Arche finds from SNSD.
Well one of the finds is Jessica's jacket which is from Arche's F/W 2014 collection.
I just simply love this jacket and the purses that they hold are gorgeous. STOP STEALING OUR FINDS

Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: Arche, lapallete, as tagged, H&M
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