Holler (2)

I was just about to sleep when I decided to check my news feed one last time. Big mistake because that's how and when I found out TTS's 'Holler' MV came out. And then I had to watch it. And then I went on a fashion find rampage thinking, "MUST NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! NEED TO BE FIRST!!!" (if you observe my timing I rarely post anything on time). Okay few Tiffany finds before I head to bed and I'll try to do more finds later! 

 Tiffany's blouse and skirt are from Versus. You can take a look at the Rainbow Print Skirt here, but I couldn't find the top anywhere.
The necklace she's wearing is also from Versus called the Lion Head Chain Necklace. Buy here. Jewelry that had the Versace Lion was very trendy last fall and it seems that the trend will continue this fall.

(ॢ˘⌣˘ ॢ⑅) Shelley

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Image Credits: SM Ent, net-a-porter, Versace

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