Another find on my wishlist if you're reading this....please stop copying our finds, as well as the finds from other sites.
They use the same photos that we post and they even crop our watermark....I mean, come on at least make your own screencaps
You even copy finds that we post after 5 months the second day
Sorry guys that you had to read this but they won't stop stealing and I don't know what else to do..... I even thought of stop making posts :( for today's find we have another item from my wishlist fulfilled by A pink (check the other one here)
Since this is one of the 'old' finds I can't remember from where it is.
A Pink's Hayoung wore the Clown shirt from O'2nd (it is also available in white)
Buy it here
Isn't the shirt awesome?

Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: MBN, O'2nd, TvDaily

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