Die Jungs

We don't actually want the Jung sisters to die! It's a pun because the name of the bags they're wearing has German in it and since "die" is "the" in German, the title is actually "The Jungs". (Also EXO released their "DIE JUNGS" photobook if that has to do with anything) Now that we clarified ourselves, let's move on to the actual find.

In 1st Look Magazine July 2014 issue, Jessica and Krystal are carrying bags from MCM's limited edition 'München Cute Monsters' collection for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. You can buy Jessica's tambourine shoulder bag here and you can buy the backpack that Krystal is holding here (white) and here (brown).
I'm positive other sites/blogs already posted this find, but I have a personal story to tell about how I came about these MCM bags. If you just came here for the find and don't care about what happened to me, that's fine you don't have to keep reading. 
Story: I was at the Los Angeles International Airport going home from KCONUSA and waiting in the security line to be scanned. There was a tall man in front of me dressed really well with a sports bag and an MCM backpack that looked like this
MCM Bicolor Palmtree-Printed Coated Canvas Backpack (sold out link here)
Naturally I got excited because I knew it had to be limited edition and very expensive. Also, airport fashion isn't really a thing here so it was cool to see that bag. I was going to ask him where he got it but ended up deciding not to because if you're rich you have methods of getting anything and I didn't want to look like a peasant. A name tag was hanging off that backpack and it said "USA Basketball" along with his name on it. I was thinking, "I guess he's not from the NBA" (NBA is U.S.A.'s national basketball league) because the tag said "USA Basketball" instead of "NBA". We were getting ready to get our bags scanned and take our shoes off, but right before that I had to throw out my water bottles since water isn't allowed on planes. The tall man was blocking me from the garbage can so I said, "Excuse me." He turned around and looked me at me. Then I said, "May I get to the garbage can please?" One of the TSA officers took the water bottles from me so the man didn't have to move out of the way. The TSA officers there were very friendly to him.

After I landed, I had a feeling that I didn't encounter a regular person. My dad LOVES watching the NBA play so I asked him, "Do you happen to know who [name I saw on the nametag] is?" He said, "Yeah, he's well-known! He was first pick in the NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers and is point guard for that team." I looked the man up and it really did turn out he was an NBA basketball player. I told my dad what happened to me at the airport and he was like, "I can't believe you missed the opportunity for a picture or autograph!" 
Basically I talked to a famous NBA player and all I said to him was asking him to get out of the way so I can get to the garbage can to throw out my water -____- I bet he thought I wanted a picture or autograph from him. How embarrassing :P

While I was looking for the bag that the basketball player was wearing, I found the bags that the Jung sisters were wearing.
  Ϛ⃘๑•͡ .̫•๑꒜ℒℴѵℯ❤ Shelley

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Image Credits: nitrolicious, 1st Look Magazine
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