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B.A.P for Skoolooks

FINALLY! We haven't had any B.A.P posts in like... almost a year. It pained me as much as it pained K-world Style readers who are BABYz. I feel bad for not being able to ID anything from their comebacks in the past year, so here's an attempt to redeem our lack of posting B.A.P on this site. I will introduce a brand that they endorsed this past year called Skoolooks

WARNING: Image heavy

Last year and this year the K-pop scene had a huge fashion trend with schoolboy uniforms (recall EXO's Growl era, Bangtan Boys, and K-Much's "What Should I Do" performances). 

What I think makes Skoolooks stand out is the variety of patterns and colors their designs have while maintaining a crisp, clean-cut look. The brand's designs make schoolwear look fun and chic at the same time. Wouldn't it be cool if a school required their school uniform to be from Skoolooks? I would totally attend that school hehe.

Their collection for ladies are cute and stylish as well. Currently, A Pink members are the female models for Skoolooks, as you can see on the brand's homepage

The two groups, A Pink and B.A.P, even made a cute mini music video for this brand!


Too bad there aren't buylinks (not that I could find) of anything so you would probably have to trek to Korea if you want to purchase anything from this brand. At least the website has a cute catalogue that you can flip and look through here for your enjoyment. Good luck trying to get around the site if you can't read Korean *_*

I personally found this exciting - if you want to own a Skoolooks shirt worn and autographed by B.A.P leader Yongguk, eBay seller mojasajo is actually selling one here (item pictured below). He is nice enough to give a 10% discount to the person who buys it if he/she mentions us, "K-world Style"!

You can see Yongguk wearing it in the following image:

The same eBay seller, mojasajo, had previously sold a shirt worn and autographed by Himchan (listing link will be deleted by eBay after a period of time). 

Here are the rest of the B.A.P members' Skoolooks profiles! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I enjoyed making it :)

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