Like that? Try this (2): Netflix Edition

It's summer break where I'm from, and you know what that means... many kids are going to have free time on their hands to catch up on the TV-shows & movies saved in their bookmarks. 
In this edition of "If you like that, try this", I'm bringing you five American/ Korean pairs in which the shows are on Netflix. 

1. If you like "Nashville", try "Shut Up, Flower Boy Band"
Both of these shows are dramatic and have original music sung in the episodes. With the drama comes sadness, and it's all executed by a bunch of pretty people. Plus guys who can play the guitar.

2. If you like "She's the Man", try "To the Beautiful You"
OK, I know "She's the Man" is not a show, but it has a lot of similarities to "To the Beautiful You". Both are about sports, feature a cross-dressing protagonist, a boarding school that only seems to have hot guys, and a swoon-worthy man man. However, "She's the Man" is the only one of these picks not on Netflix.

3. If you like "Reign", try "Sungkyunkwan Scandal"
These shows are both somewhat-fluffy historical dramas that rely on cute boys. The both feature good ensemble casts. Also, assassins and hot guys. Reign is more dramatic while "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" has more comedic moments.  

4. If you like "The Lying Game", try "That Winter, The Wind Blows"
These picks are both melodramas that revolve around family secrets and weird sibling relationships. "The Lying Game" has mostly teenage drama with a couple plot lines following the adults, while "That Winter..." follow a group of 22-30ish-year-olds. I think. To be honest, most of the plot seems like it could be the same for a younger group of characters as well.

5. If you like "Hart of Dixie", try "You're Beautiful"
Both of these shows are comedies featuring love triangles/ reverse harems (in both there's a bff-type guy friend that's not a romantic interest). Both protagonists also get to their current situations because of family issues.The boys in the aforementioned love triangles are top notch; they are cute and sing. Plus, nuns! 


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