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Hyuna's 'RED' (4)

Dadoong21 asked me in the comment section if I knew where Hyuna's crown is from.
Yesterday I went shopping and while I was passing by a party supply store (don't know how it's called) I saw a crown that looked exactly like Hyuna's crown. It turns out you can find this crown almost everywhere on the web.
You can buy it on Amazon here
This is not an actual find but I wanted to share it with you guys
I think Hyuna's glittery hair was inspired from Steve J and Yoni P's F/W 2014 collection.

Because Hyuna's MV was released I postponed some SISTAR finds....sooooorry SISTAR
If you want some SISTAR finds stay tuned for that :D

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Image Credits:  CUBE, TOMI:MITO, amazon
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