Fiestar + American Apparel

In their 140702 performance of "One More" at MBC Music Show Champion, the ladies of Fiestar wore various items from the brand, American Apparel

I don't know any of their names, so I will just provide a group image and the items worn.
Fiestar [One More] at MBC Music Show Championkey=>1 count29

A note: I think they cut the crop tops to be even shorter, because the hem looks a smidge uneven, & at least for the turtle-neck top, it hits a little higher than what the model looks like. However, this could just be because of sizing and whatnot. Another note, I believe the striped top and the mesh top are also from AA, because there are similar items for sale online, but I think they are just from the Korean version or a different season & so aren't being sold anymore.

1. long-sleeved crop top: buy here ($32)
2. turtle-neck crop top: buy here ($30)
3. shiny short sleeve crop top: buy here ($34)
4. the disco pant: buy here ($85)


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