Block B's 'H.E.R'

  At long last, Block B finally ditched the KTZ for a much brighter, colorful, fun, cuter look (perfect for summer!) in their new music video 'H.E.R'. Has anyone noticed that many of the sultry, dark concepts happen during winter? How depressing. For this scene, the colors of the clothing won't completely match up with their stock photos because the hue/tint has been edited to make the colors pop more.

First up we have Kyung wearing the Cat Tee in banana (the color) by Golf Wang. It totally matches his hair! No buylink because Golf Wang deletes sold out buylinks.

Second we have B-Bomb wearing Tyler's Auntie Tee in black also by Golf Wang. Buy it here for just 30 USD.

Third we have Jaehyo wearing the Green Tee (so punny) with Ginseng and Honey shirt by Arizona.

Just kidding! Jaehyo is actually wearing the Tea Tree Tee (what a tongue twister!) in mint by Golf Wang. No buylink since it's sold out.

If it's Block B it's Shelley (๑◕ฺ‿◕ฺ๑)

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Image Credits: Seven Seasons, CJ E&M Music, golfwang, svpply, costco
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