Block B's 'H.E.R' (4)

We have more finds from Block B's 'H.E.R'.
All of the items that I'll show you are from Ashish's S/S 2013 collection. Unfortunately, since the collection is from last year it's practically impossible to find the items online for purchase :(

 I couldn't find Kyung's jacket in the actual collection but it's really similar to the other ones

I suspect that P.O.'s jacket is from Ashish' S/S 2014 collection (even though PO's jacket isn't ripped) but I can't confirm it since I can't see the details clearly.
~P.O. why do you have to be so energetic, hold still for a second hehe~

 More finds to come


Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: Seven Seasons, Ashish CJENMMUSIC

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