100%'s 'U Beauty'

For 100%'s comeback this month, they traded in their dark image from March for a cuter and brighter one. Let's see what some of them wore in their most recent music video, 'U Beauty'.

Chanyong wore the KKXX-TO-1046B from Stylenanda on top (buy here) and the CASH ONLY Stripe Crewneck from SNOB underneath (buy here). He seems to have black long sleeve shirt underneath the SNOB sweatshirt as well. Doesn't he feel hot wearing all those layers? 

Changbum is wearing the MESH 66 TANK from SNOB (buy here). Hopefully he's not as warm as Chanyong looks. 

Last find is Chanyong wearing a neon basketball tank top from Astrid Andersen's Men S/S 2013 collection. No buylink since the piece is older.

Since I couldn't find a buylink, I tried looking for a runway photo. But no, the only photo I could find was the tank hanging on a rack (all the way to the left in the photo) instead of anyone wearing it -_-
  (๑◕ฺ‿◕ฺ๑) Shelley
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Image Credits: T.O.P Media, pancoat-store, stylenanda, fashion156

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