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VIXX's 'Eternity' Observation

First of all, congratulations to VIXX on their second win. I am definitely not the first person to notice this but I thought it was clever. 
The white button-ups with the black print that VIXX wore are customized. What I found pretty cool is that it says "VIXX" on them in the form of Roman numerals because of the time/eternity/clock concept in their music video. At first, I read their shirts as XXVI, which is 26 in Roman numerals. For 15 minutes I was thinking, "What is the meaning of 26?! What brand has 'XXVI' in their designs?" That put me into a frustrating frenzy in trying to find what brand their shirts were. In the end, while I was staring at the shirts trying to think of brands they could be from I realized it was read as VIXX -_-

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