Style Watch: SNSD - Mr. Mr.

Oh guess who's late on this one? This is a Style Watch that I planned to put up during our hiatus, but now that we're back it's time to get going on it!

(we posted about this ring here)

Artist: So Nyuh Shi Dae (Girls' Generation)
Promotion Period: Mr.Mr.
Main Brands: Lucky Chouette, Ringo R, Push Button, Alexander Mcqueen, etc.
General Style: Classic sexy

Here's the video if you, by chance, haven't seen it.

There are gorgeous dresses and outfits throughout the video and there are portions that focus on trendy, streetstyle worthy clothing.

We've posted finds from this image, namely Taeyeon and Sunny's shirts. The focus in the dance sequences is glamorous, yet edgy outfits, including a lot of leather and leather finished pieces along with chunkier black boots.

However! That is not what I shall be focusing on for this post. The purpose of selecting SNSD's Mr.Mr. as the focus for this Style Watch is to introduce and discuss the concept of a fitted suit (or tailored pieces), specifically for women.

Women wearing "men's clothing" is not a new concept. Plenty of Hollywood celebrities made their splashes with their tuxedo-style outfits a couple of years back.

There's something timeless about fitted, tailored pieces, and although it may be difficult to find a full fitted suit for women that can belong anywhere but in the workplace, Mr.Mr. is the perfect example of how to incorporate "the suit" into all sorts of different outfits.

This post will simultaneously tackle incorporating Mr.Mr. into your wardrobe as well as a couple of basic pieces that you should try to incorporate into your closets.

Style trend: Fitted pieces and collars
Style colors: Gray, white, black, navy, oxblood, (and pops of color)

Let's begin with the collar. It's a key part to button-down shirts and many dresses. The Wall Street Journal posted an article called "What'd your Collar ID?" back in January of 2013. The article can be found here, but here's a helpful picture that was included in the piece.

A piece of advice is to find a good, classic white shirt. This is useful not only to learn from SNSD's Mr.Mr. style, but it's also just a general good practice. Whether or not one is at the age to do interviews and go into the office, owning a good quality white shirt is worth that occasion where one really needs one.

For a formal shirt, it's suggested to stick to "more formal" collar. Women's departments often don't supply the variety that men's departments will when it comes to collars and shirts, but having a bit of knowledge on what you prefer can be a big help.

A good fitting white shirt should fit well and not be too snug. Be sure to check the shoulders and the waist for movement. The worst kind of formal shirt is one in which you get trapped.

But hey, why limit yourself to white shirts? You can get button-down, fitted shirts in nearly any color. Try some out for yourself and see what works for you.

Next? The blazer.

I argue that the blazer is just as important, if not more important than the shirt. Of course, there's a variety of available jackets outside of the blazer, but for now we shall focus on the blazer due to its sheer versatility.

You can wear a blazer like SNSD has, or you can wear it to dress up t-shirts, dresses, rompers, or nearly anything. Just a good blazer can make a big difference in an outfit.

Key points in a blazer:

# of buttons - blazers and jackets can have any number of buttons, generally women's will have one, two, three, or more and in some cases, none. When checking for the quality of any jacket, especially with buttoned blazers, be sure to check how well the button is fastened on. A button falling off on a one button blazer can be a pain, and one button missing on a three button blazer can look tacky. It's good to decide preference and make sure everything is fastened on well. Should one come off, it can be sown back on using thread and needle.

single versus double breasted - This refers to "how many columns of buttons there are." It's not hard to find a single breasted blazer or jacket, and there are certainly double-breasted ones on the market. The fit can vary depending on what kind, so decide what you like best.

length - Women's blazers lately can really range in length. You can find cropped ones, waist ones, and hip ones. There are even blazers that extend further. For a traditional blazer, go for hip-length. If you want to experiment more, be sure to try out different lengths to see what fits your body.

material - Blazers and jackets come in any material you could possibly think of. Many come as a blend, and it's possible that your first blazer will/was a blend. Wool blazers are thick and traditional looking, cotton can be good for higher temperatures. There are many more types, but be sure to check the tag and see the material before deciding what to buy.

pattern - A traditional blazer will be a solid color, generally darker such as black, gray, or navy. Sometimes the hemming will differ in color as well. However, you can also get colors that are bright and various patterned jackets. For example,I have a forest green tartan blazer that I love.

After all that, do remember that SNSD brought the idea of a "suit" into a skirt. We posted this specific skirt here. It is certainly a look that you can incorporate into your own style! Pick what you prefer and experiment to find out what you like best and what works for you.

If you have the money and time, try going to a tailor or going to find higher end, higher quality pieces for your basics. Good quality should last a long time, and with important things like white shirts and jackets, one good one could be good enough for years.

Naturally, there's more to look into than shirts and blazers. The vest, although not essential, can also be a very nice piece to have. For women, it's a little harder to find a good fit than men. It is definitely a piece I would suggest to try on in store rather than order online. The belt can be an important element, as well as a good-fitting pair of jeans. However, that can be a challenge for another day.

However, if you're just looking to try out what I have suggested, here's a couple recommendations to achieve the look.

Here are some options for a white shirt. Here and here. The options are a bit oversized for a slouchier look. With more fitted shirts, as mentioned before, it's really best to go try them on before making a purchase.

Here and here are some cheaper alternatives (and sleeveless for the summer).

Here and here are some semi-casual shirts. I really like the one with the interesting back.

Here and here are some non-white shirts.

Here are some blazer options. Here (comes in other colors) and here.

Some more casual blazers. Here and here.

Some buttonless ones... Here and here.

For some fun! Here are some fedora options. Here and here.

More expensive, but there is a silk tuxedo dress by Marc Jacobs as well as an option for a jumpsuit.

As said before. To get something good quality and worth it, definitely try stuff on in store before making a purchase! Check the seams, hems, and the buttons to make sure it'll last.

Hope that was helpful! Let us know what you want to see next.


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