Style Watch: Catallena - Orange Caramel

It's been a long time since I've done a style watch. Mostly because I've been busy with academia, so in the next couple weeks I'll hit y'all up with a few.

My first pick will be the lovely PLEDIS ladies of Orange Caramel with Catallena!
Artist: Orange Caramel
Promotion Period: Catallena
General Style: Quirky Retro

First! Here is the music video for the lovely Catallena. It's super cute and the members dress up as different sorts of sushi!

Most of the outfits in the video are really cute and mostly focus on cute prints (especially polka dots) and bright, distinct colors.

This set is a personal favorite! I really like how they overlay polka dots with a sheer polka-dotted shift. It adds dimension to an otherwise quite two-dimensional print.

With their promotional images, you can see how it's definitely okay to layer polka dots upon polka dots. However, here are a couple tips that'll help make this easier to use in everyday wear.

1. If you want to wear lots of polka dots, try pieces that have various sizes and spacing of the dots. Having one on top of the other won't make it look like you're a sofa cover.

2. If you're still a bit tentative with polka-dots as a whole, you can work one bold piece into your outfit.

The Orange Caramel girls wear much more than just polka dots!

They also emphasize a lot on bold, cute, prints! 

Sometimes they mix prints with polka dots.

Now, these outfits may be a bit too bold for some of us in our everyday wear, but it does not mean you can't take an elements from it into your own wardrobe!

Style trend: Polka-dots, bold prints
Style colors: A bright variety!

Don't be scared to try prints together. Vary size, color, and texture of pieces and the patterns can often blend seamlessly into each other. You don't know if it's good or bad until you try it, so be sure to give pattern-mixing a shot!

For some ideas on how you could bring polka-dots and bright patterns into your own everyday wear:

Honestly, I find the style quite reminiscent of some of Miu miu's current and past collections, but we let's look at some alternatives. First? Polka dots!

Try a romper or a dress.

If you want a piece that you could work with other prints, try a polka dot skirt or a polka dot blouse.

Polka dots in a more unique way? Try stockings or a snapback! (I have both, they're awesome)

Uninterested in polka-dots? How about bold prints (or an auto-mix of print and polka dots)? Available here and here.

Here's a dress that strays a bit from the candy and fruit theme from Orange Caramel, but I think is quite marvelous if you want to delve into more statement dresses.

What about polka-dot shoes? I love polka-dot shoes. Shoes can make or break an outfit and these shoes are absolutely adorable.

For accessories, you could definitely look into bright hair pieces!
Always try using chopsticks like Raina did, which we posted here.

Or... Try cute scrunchies! Available here.

Hey, if you're really into that whole Catallena look... Maybe you should try their fish dresses!

Hope you've enjoyed the post! There will be more to come!

--Koko and Shelley

Do not take without proper credit! 

Image Credits: asianjunkie, PLEDIS, forever21, omonatheydidnt @ livejournal, urbanoutfitters, asos

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