Bright Lipsticks!

The title to this post is not misleading at all! I'm going to share four lipstick brands for good color payoff with a range in prices. Hopefully this post can be helpful to some!

We mostly focus on clothes, because, after all, we are a fashion website. Nonetheless, I often count makeup as an accessory, and therefore, it's worth mentioning.

Lately, so many people have been talking about bright lip colors, and oftentimes, I hear the name "Cheon Song-Yi" in that same exact sentence.

With the otherwise simple makeup look, the bold lip color stands out and thus has begun a trend of eye-popping lip colors.
Cheon Song-Yi and "You Who Came From the Stars" certainly isn't the first to don a bright lip, and we can now take a look at a couple of great places to purchase your own lip makeup! I've personally used all of these I've listed, so you have my stamp of approval.

Etude House's Color Pop lipsticks

A lot of people give this lipstick flack for being drying and less moisturizing that Etude House's usual lipstick formula. To that, I agree, but the color payoff is also excellent. The "jelly lips" collection is a lot more sheer. If you're going for an orange lip, these aren't overly priced and so long as its paired with a good lip balm, is an excellent choice for a bright lipstick. This lipstick doesn't last terribly long, so reapplication is recommended. However, for me, a little goes a long way, and the price makes the need for reapplication okay.

Stylenanda's 3CE lip colors:

These lipsticks from left to right are #409 Kiss woo, #605 Fatal , and #408 Chu chu. Hyuna herself wears a 3CE lip color in #501 Bella, which is a rich burgundy color. The color payoff on 3ce lipsticks is generally quite good, and they are creamy and not drying, but lip balm is still recommended.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture:

From left to right, #36 Corail legend, #51 Corail urban, and #50 Rouge neon. Supposedly Cheon Song-Yi wears #51 Corail urban but I like #36 more as a shade. YSL lipsticks and lip products in general are my hands-down favorite. They have lovely texture and last a long time. They're certainly on the pricey side, but if you love lipsticks like I do, I think it's worth it to invest in one or two shades that you really love. I have a link to the lipsticks here.

The two colors here are "Heatwave" and "Schiap" which can be found here. I like Nars lipsticks. There are lots of different finishes but I think in general their color payoff is good and they last a substantial amount of time. The bright colors have great pigmentation and I really like their shades.

If you're specifically crazy about Cheon Song-Yi's lip colors, a good chunk of them are supposed to be by the brand IOPE's color fit lipsticks (a personal favorite is #17 Cherry Blossom). I however, have never owned one, so I can't give any information on durability and quality.
The focus of this post is my favorite lipsticks that have excellent color payoff. If you want to hear about more sheer or moisturizing lipsticks, or even just more of my favorites (there's a lot not included here), let us know in the comments!

On top of lipsticks there's also lip crayons, lacquers, and glosses! Please let me know in the comments if you want to see more.


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