100% on Weekly Idol and MWave Meet & Greet

Boy group 100% recently appeared on 140507 Weekly Idol.

Rokhyun is wearing the CASH ONLY 66 Crewneck in black by Korean streetwear brand SNOB, which is managed by Pancoat. Buy it here for only $59.

Hyukjin is wearing Poker Embroidered Rider Jacket from Stylenanda. You can check out the back below when the boys are doing the random dance segment for better detail. Buylink here.

They also wore the same exact outfits during the Mwave Meet & Greet when they were promoting their album.

Two almost-finds are: Changbum wearing a sweatshirt that looks like it's from Hood By Air but I've never seen the design sold by an official retailer for the brand and Chanyong wearing a jacket by a Japanese brand called Wacko Maria but I cannot find a buylink for the exact jacket.

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Image Credits: Weekly Idol/MBC, CJ E&M Music, Pancoat Store, Stylenanda

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