Block B's 'Jackpot' (2)

More Block B 'Jackpot' MV finds!
I couldn't post them before due to the hiatus, so here they are now. All members are wearing something from KTZ's F/W 2013 collection, but I'm only posting the ones that I found listings for. All the buylinks are sold out but I will provide them so you can take a closer look.
U-Kwon is wearing the 4 Cards Print Hoodie. Take a closer look here

 B-Bomb wore the leggings version of the same print. I think he put them on backwards... because the model on the right is facing the back. Working buylink here.

Jaehyo is wearing the 4 Cards Print Scarf. Take a closer look here. I wish he had more lines not only in this song but just in general.

Taeil is wearing the short sleeve version of the Tarot Print Paneled Sleeve Shirt 1. Either that or the stylists cut up the long sleeve one. Take a closer look here.

P.O is wearing the Kircher Tree Print Coat. Take a closer look here.

 Shelley ♫꒰・‿・๑꒱

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Image Credits: Seven Seasons, CJ E&M Music,, luisaviaroma

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Block B's 'Jackpot'
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