Who wore it better? Kai or Sehun, Bora or Sohyun

Springtime is passing really fast this year and we've had loads of comebacks here in the kpop scene, so it's obvious that sooner or later some idols would start wearing the same things.
Today we have two who wore it betters for you.

First up, Exo maknae Sehun orginally wore the white version of the Supreme "Hate" shirt to Gimpo airport last year. Today, Kai was revealed to wear the black version in their teaser images.

  • Sehun
  • Kai

Next up, we have the battle of the dance versions. Sistar's Bora wore the Dead Inside Crop T shirt shirt from Lazy Oaf during their promotions for Give It to Me, and 4minute member Sohyun wore the same top in the Whatcha Doin Today practice.

  • Sistar's Bora
  • 4minute's Sohyun

Unfortunately it looks like both items have been sold out.

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Cube, Starship, SM, Sehun Please
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