Who wore it better? Eric Nam edition

Eric Nam has been wearing statement pieces for his comeback single, "Ooh Ooh" that's been catching my eye. For this "Who wore it better?", a blazer/suit that I sadly do not know the name of has been worn by 100%'s Hyukjin at his group's 140330 Ilsan Fansign backstage, Eric Nam in his "Ooh Ooh" MV and promotional photos, and 100%'s Changbum at his group's 140412 Gimpo Airport Fansign (hmm... makes me wonder if the two 100% members shared the blazer on different days). If you happen to know the brand or have a buylink of the suit, please let me know and you will be credited!

Eliza found this one from 2pmstyle on Tumblr. Eric Nam on the left with the same outfit on as above and INFINITE's Woohyun on the right at the Cultwo Show on 140318 are both wearing the Painting Shirt from the Korean brand Creative Folks.

Shelley and Eliza

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