Giveaway: Official Promo Posters by mojasajo (closed)

Hi Kstylists, we have an awesome giveaway sponsored by eBay seller mojasajo. He sells real, authentic autographed K-pop albums as well as stage costumes worn by K-pop idols themselves. If you want to get an autographed album, Eric is your guy! Check out his eBay profile here. There is a reason he has 100% positive feedback and it's because he has fantastic customer service. I'm speaking from personal experience. There are so many fake sellers out there trying to make a quick buck, but he actually has connections. Not just anyone can get access to Inkigayo cue sheets like he does. I am naturally a curious being so I ask him how he obtains stuff even though I don't plan on buying them. Eric patiently answers my questions and concerns regarding authenticity and how he got the items. I'm a little reluctant to share the following information, but I love our readers so I figure you can benefit from this!

You might not know just by looking at mojasajo's listings, but there is a highly likely chance that he has the autographed album you're looking for that's not listed. His inventory is pretty extensive. Just message him and he'll let you know if he has it (or not). If he doesn't, chances are he can get it for you. A lot of the time, he has copies of the same album that you can pick from. Idols are humans and sometimes give clumsy or faint signatures, so having the choice of picking the prettiest autographed album is pretty cool, don't you think? 
I'll let you in on another secret. If you wanna save money, add Eric on Facebook and message him asking for a quote. Then instead of paying eBay middleman fees, you can pay him directly through PayPal at a lower price. He doesn't pressure you into buying anything and is non-judgmental, so don't be afraid to ask him questions regarding items or prices. 
It's a happy day for us, because he is giving away 5 posters to one lucky winner. Good luck and take a look at them for yourself:

  To enter, follow these instructions:
Check out eBay seller mojasajo's listings here and pick your favorite one (Try to pick one that someone didn't choose already). What do you like about that artist or group? Post your answer down below!
The more thoughtful your response, the better chance you have of winning!
If you choose to follow mojasajo on eBay, make sure to include your eBay member ID when you enter on Rafflecopter.
Terms and Conditions of Entry: 
Period: April 7, 2014 to April 30, 2014
  Open internationally.
No P.O boxes.
Winner will be contacted by email and will be given 48 hours to respond. Failure to respond will result another entree to win the prize.
Multiple entries and those who start fanwars lead to disqualification.
No purchase necessary.
The information you will have submitted will not be disclosed to any third parties.

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