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Block B's 'Jackpot'

Remember when I joined K-world Style exactly 3 months ago, my first post was on Block B wearing KTZ? Well... that hasn't really changed for their comeback song 'Jackpot'.  Here are a couple of simple finds (since I'm still new ;P).

In Block B's 'Jackpot' MV, leader Zico is wearing the Poison Embroidered Short Shirt from KTZ. Buy one here.


For the second find, I perceive this brand hilarious for anyone in Block B to wear and here's why - if you check the Miore Suspenders that P.O is wearing by Miauler Mew, the website they're from sells kawaii items (you can tell from the stock photo on the right). Even the web design is kawaii with its logo of a kitten flying on a rainbow shooting star. Block B's image is being tough, cool, and villainous. If this was public knowledge, wouldn't their image be tarnished? XD


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Image Credits: Seven Seasons, kokontozai.co.uk, shop.miauler-mew.com
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