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Whatcha Doin' Today?

It was rumored that 4minute will have a comeback in May, but they made a big surprise for their fans by announcing that they'll make their comeback this month. Yeey, I must say that I'm excited.
Now let's see what the girls wore in their teaser photos.
They also wore this outfit in their newly released MV.

Jihyun wore the Silk Short Blousin in navy from Low Classic's S/S 2014 collection
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Hyuna wore the Silk line m2m in red from Low Classic's S/S 2014 collection.

Jiyoon's top is also from Low Classic's S/S 2014 collection, but it isn't available for purchase.

Gayoon's outfit is also from Low Classic's S/S 2014 collection. (or at least I think so,I'll have to wait for a better picture to confirm)

I think that Sohyun's skirt is also from Low Classic but I can't be sure because of the lightning,I'll have to wait and see.

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Image Credits: CUBE,Low Classic

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