Style Watch: Sunmi - Full Moon

I'm bringing Style Watch back! It's been a long time since I've done one of these posts, and to mark my return from my hiatus, I figured this series needed a revamp.


Therefore! My pick for the month of February is vampire themed! One of my new favorite solo artists is Sunmi from JYP entertainment. This post will be focusing on the style for her current promotion cycle for Full Moon.

Artist: Sunmi
Promotion Period: Full moon
Main Brands: Jaison Couture etc.
General Style: Classic, Victorian gothic inspired

First, if you haven't seen her music video for her comeback track, you can see it here.

The first video teaser gave me quite a shock! But then I saw the promotional images and I knew that the styling for Full Moon was guaranteed to be on point.

 Starting with this elegant dress from Jaison Couture that we posted on here. This dress is absolutely stunning. Naturally, the eye focuses on the full, textured skirt to the gown, but I was taken by the detailing of the lace, mainly the portion that covers Sunmi's clavicle area.

Jaison Couture is a brand that was launched in Paris in 2005 and in Seoul in 2008. Their pieces come in different series allowing for a display of a range of styles and designs. They describe some of their styles as "luxury baroque" which I can't help but be in agreement with.

As it turns out, Sunmi has re-worn several of her outfits throughout her comeback stages and performances. This dress, namely, made an appearance on her Music Core performance on February 22nd, as well as at SBS MTV The Show on March 4th.

The highlight of this simply cut dress is the thick feather trim of the skirt and the lace overlay along the torso, accented with full, lace sleeves and feather trimmed cuffs.

Although the colors and cuts of her different performances do vary, there are several key points that can be determined as a general trend for this promotion cycle. 

Nearly every outfit has feathers, lace, or both. There is a stress for rich, luxurious materials, flowing fabrics, and elegant, mainly solid color designs.

Thus, we can generalize a couple of key points.

Style trend: Feathers, solid colors with variation of texture, lace
Style colors: Gray, white, black, oxblood

My personal favorite is the all feather mini-dress that is the focal point of her music video. Every outfit is clean, elegant, and regal, but still decadent.

Now! How to incorporate some of Sunmi's Full Moon style without looking too much like a vampire or donning a full feather minidress?

Try out a monochrome outfit for yourself! It's easy to look a little off if everything is the same fabric, but if you contrast details and fabrics, it can work beautifully!

For example, black lace with other clean fabrics, like velvet, denim, or pressed cotton, there's plenty of contrast to maintain both the appeal, and achieve the more subtle complexities that are highlighted in Sunmi's styling. Try this with rich reds, navy blues, or if you're daring, oranges work well too. Feel free to alter the shades between pieces, or focus on variation of fabric!

Sunmi does it excellently with black.

If you're looking for feather or lace pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe without going the full nine yards and trying to buy a couture dress. Here are some more alternate suggestions!

Here is a skirt from Urban Outfitters with crochet detailing, easily paired into everyday outfits but bringing in an element of elegance.

Other than the standard lace tops and skirts, how about these more fun, daily wear lace options? Here and here.

For more graceful, pure lace pieces, look no further. Here and here.

Here is a fabulous feather dress for the perfect occasion.

If you're more willing to spill out some money and invest in a really good quality feather themed dress for that special occasion, here is Jason Wu's ostrich feather mini dress.

Also, here are two options for feather skirts!

Along with some ways to bring feathers into your wardrobe without actually bringing feathers into your wardrobe. Here and here.

Dresses with both lace and feathers? Here and here.

How about feathers in jewelry? Here and here.

I also love velvet when it comes to fabrics and textures! Try that out as well for yourself!

As for makeup looks? 

Try out a bold red lip and light burgundy eye shadow for that vampy gothic look. Focus on a clean flawless skin look, accented with simple, but stated makeup.

Give MAC's Dreaming Dahlia and Inglot's AMC Pure Pigment shadow in 28 or 66 a try! Lipstick here and the two eye shadows here and here.

Tell me what you think of the new Style Watch format! I hope it was helpful. Try to bring some of that Sunmi elegance into your next outfit!


Do not take without proper credit! 

Image Credits: wonderfulgeneration, kpopstarz, ohkpopgirls, matchesfashion, urban outfitters, revolve clothing, asos, telluofficial

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