Mr. Mr. (3)

More SNSD's Mr. Mr. fashion finds from music videos. So far we have posted on Sooyoung and Seohyun but this time it is Taeyeon. In the music video, all the girls have on a variety of outfits.  In this post instead of the previous formal wear, it is street wear. Particularly, the scene where the girls are dancing in the underground parking garage scene.

I cannot see half of Taeyeon's outfit but here's the part I can see.
Taeyeon's tee is actually affordable! Hurray and what? A piece of clothing in a SNSD music video is under $100?!?! Just joking, I Got a Boy had a lot of affordable fashion too.

Anyway, on Taeyeon's tee, you probably recognize it is a sketch of Anna Wintour. The tee is by One T-shirt and available here to purchase (men sizing).

Incase you are wondering why the screen captures are so bad, go watch the music video.

Do not take without proper credit (us)!

Maria :D

Image Credits: SM Entertainment,

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