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Welcome to your destination for music recommendations. This is an article written for fun, so I cannot promise it'll be exact. My goal is to give you Korean songs that correspond with your American (or other Western country) song choices.
Let's go!~

If you like ___, try...
1. If you like Bruno Mars' "Treasure", try Clazzi (ft. 2AM's Seulong), "How We Feel"
Both songs have 80's influences and synth-y backgrounds. Also, they are both sung by guys searching for love. I think both songs are really groovy, but I will say, Clazzi's "How We Feel" is much better for chilling, while Bruno Mars' "Treasure" is a little more upbeat. However, both songs have undeniably catchy choruses.

2. If you like Rihanna's "Man Down", try 2NE1's "Come Back Home".
OK, I brought out the obligatory YG artist, and maybe some people will disagree with this choice, but here's how I legitimately justify this choice: starting at 1:45 ish, 2NE1 has the same downbeat count and reggae feeling as Rihanna's tune. BTW, I highly recommend the unplugged version of "Come Back home"over the original song. To me, it sounds more old-school 2NE1, and I'm also not a fan of mixing that many genres of music. It's like "Come Back Home"-- like other Kpop songs, most notably "I got a boy" by SNSD-- is a frankeinstein song, combining too many genres in obvious divisions. I'm all for taking elements from different genres, but while "Man Down" sticks to a combo of reggae-pop the entire song, "Come Back Home" has a house-hip-hop-esque break in the middle, which throws me off. 

3. If you like Paramore's "Ain't it Fun", try YB's "Mystery"
To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why these two fit together, but they do. Both are pop-rock songs made be incredibly successful, famous pop-rock bands. I believe both Hayley Williams and Yoon Do Hyun  have great talent and bring something special as the singers of their bands. Maybe it's because both choruses are catchy or even because they are both fast-paced alternative songs. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy my recommendation. I could not find mystery on Soundcloud, so I've included the music video here:
4. If you like The Weeknd's "Wicked Games", try Henry's "Trap"
While The Weeknd's song is a little more pure-R&B, Henry brings in elements of pop. Still, both songs feature a somewhat-tortured-artist vibe and extensive vocal runs. I'm a huge fan of both artist, and when listening to "Wicked Games" and "Trap", I get the same feeling. However, I do think The Weeknd's "Wicked Games" is a more explicit song, so if that is not your style, stick with Henry. 

That's it for this round. Would you like me to do another post perhaps featuring some folk songs, hip hop, or more indie artists (from both countries)? Let me know in the comments.

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