100% on Weekly Idol

Fully charged 100% has made an appearance on Weekly Idol last year back when there were still 7 members. To me, they are a talented (most joined TOP Media before Teen Top) but unfortunately an underrated group. Hopefully that changes in the future. Even though the episode aired over a year ago, most of the buylinks I'm providing still work!

Starting with leader Minwoo (currently enlisted in the army and eating a Chungyang Red Pepper in this photo XD), he is wearing a sweatshirt from House of Holland named AW11 Unisex Sweat There You Go Matey (sold out).

Chanyong is wearing a whimsical t-shirt from Starstyling called Painted Cross T-shirt. The colors don't exactly match up which might be due to the fact that each shirt is one-of-a-kind. Buy it here for 120 Euros.
Rokhyun and Sanghoon are both sporting shirts from a Korean brand called thepartment. Rokhyun is wearing the PEACE BLOOM 7CUT T-SHIRT BLACK and Sanghoon is wearing the CAMOU FLORAL 7CUT T-SHIRT BLACK. Buylinks in Korean for Rokhyun here and Sanghoon here.

Is anyone else disappointed by Sanghoon's departure? You may have seen him on Dream Team if you don't know or follow the group 100%. Wherever he goes, I wish him the best.

Shelley (´⌒`)

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Image Credits: MBC, svpply, Starstyling, thepartment

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