Nyam Nyam Hamburger Hamburger

Ever have those moments when you try hard to remember something it doesn't work, but when you're not thinking too much about it, it just comes to you? That sort of just happened to me when I made these finds, what is life?! At first, I deliberately searched up, "Hamburger Tank" and "Number Leggings" with no success. Days later I decided to shop for myself on Forever 21. Minding my own business scrolling, my eyes skimmed over the Fun Hamburger Muscle Tee for only $12.80. Le gasp! Where have I seen those before? Ah, in newly debuted hip group duo called Lip Service comprised of BiPa (from Houston, Texas actually) and Cora with their debut song, 'Yum Yum Yum'. Those four extra girls in the music video are backup dancers.
Once I found those, I thought that other clothing in the music video might be from Forever 21 and I was right!
I came across the Studded Mix Media Leggings for just $13.80. Anything else? I decided to take my chances on Lip Service's cute robes...
JACKPOT. They're Queen of Hearts Satin Robe in cream/red for just $19.80.
I like to check out rookie groups for fresh fashion and their potential in the K-pop industry. Sometimes the fashion for more established groups is too predictable (*cough* 2NE1 and Jeremy Scott *cough*). The other day I was talking to Maria about Lip Service and mentioned how annoying the chorus was, but I'm afraid it's growing on me D: The message of the song is not typical. It's about dieting, contrary to the usual lyrics about being in love or partying. What are your thoughts on this new duo and/or song?

Shelley *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧ 
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