Mr. Mr.

SNSD's Mr. Mr music video has been finally released! As usual, the visuals are outstanding  as well as the fashion. It's sad this time they have opted for a blurry HD video as screen caps and details are harder to see.
Girls' Generation is in too in demand and we'll just have to deal with the blurriness.
In a few particular shots, Sooyoung is seen wearing this red belted blazer. It's very chic and I think it fits with her style. It is by Alexander McQueen, the Belt Fastening Blazer. You can purchase it here.

Since her top is by Alexander McQueen, her bottoms are mostly as well. I can't see them clearly. If I am to guess, they are probably these.

Gifs are the best for blurry videos.
I can't believe they have a flare in her face.
Maria :D
I will try to find more things after I get back from school.
Can you guess which part of the MV has been corrupted?

Do not take without proper credit! 

Image Credits: SM Entertainment,, [email protected]

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