Haul & Review: The Face Shop (2)

Here are the product reviews continuing from The Face Shop haul last week. This time, I included a video at the bottom if you want to get to know the products better.

Volcanic Clay Black Head Heating Gel Mask

Website description: Say good-bye to your blackheads! A perfect cleansing line effective for removing blackheads and dead skin cells. Gel mask that gives off heat when applied to the skin to melt blackheads. This smart mask changes its color from gray to black showing the finishing point of the temperature change. 

  The Volcanic Clay Black Head Heating Gel Mask takes a different approach from the pore strips. Instead of yanking impurities out of the pores, it emulsifies them instead. The oily substance is gentler to the skin and washes off. When I used it, my skin felt smoother but not all the blackheads were gone. Overall, I am not thrilled with this purchase. 

Lovely Me:ex Stick Eyes 01 White

Website description: Freely mix & match vivid colors according to your eye shapes. Soft texture enables product to be applied on skin naturally
The Lovely Me:ex Stick Eyes come in white, pink, violet, and peach. I got one in white and like to use it to highlight underneath my eyes, like how SNSD sub-unit TTS does in their 'Twinkle' MV. You can probably use it as eyeshadow too, especially with the other colors. It's a cute item to keep in my makeup bag. Remember to use primer or it will easily come right off.

  Face It Lemon Brightening Nail Pack
Website description: An easy to use fingernail care pack that provides concentrated care on the fingernail and cuticle.

 With the Lemon Brightening Nail Pack I was dumb enough to read the website description that has directions in English AFTER I used it -_- In the video I said I had it on for 40 minutes when really you're just supposed to keep it on for 10-15 minutes. Oh well. While I had the product on I felt like my fingers were being pampered, but once it came off I didn't see any difference in my fingernails. They felt moisturized, but maybe I could've experienced a stronger effect if I had dry brittle nails to begin with. The nail pack also comes in Paraffin and Milk Calcium, which I didn't get because nails are dead cells so there's really nothing to rejuvenate, plus I really like lemons in general. 

Shelley *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧

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