Chanyeol's Birthday Presents (2)

Let's see what other gifts Chanyeol received on MBC EXO's Showtime, episode 3. On this episode the members bought Chanyeol birthday presents. He had to guess who gave what and only kept ones he guessed correctly.

The next gift that Chanyeol has received is this Super pullover from Halfman Romantics. This is the A D NYC sweatshirt, available here to buy. This gift was from Kris.

Also from Kris, a pair of Sponge Bob underwear from Pull-in (buy it here).

The next gift is a combined purchase from Chen whom bought the hoodie and Baekhyun whom the pants. It is a set of Elstinko Jumpsuit 327 and available here

Fortunately, he got to keep these gifts because he guessed these ones correctly.

Image Credits: MBC, Elstinko, Halfmain, Pull-in

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