Chanyeol's Birthday Presents (1)

I should have posted these finds long time ago but hey ,better late than never. :D
In EXO's 3rd episode all of the members went to buy a birthday present for Chanyeol without him knowing and he had to guess which gift belongs to which member
Now, let's see what they bought.
 First we have Lay's gift,the Joiebete Earflap beanie,which you can buy here.
(He thought that Luhan bought this gift)

The second gift is from Xiumin and it's the Jill by Jill Stuart Trooper 021
Buy it here
(He thought that Kai bought this gift)

Another item from Jill Stuart is this 345 beanie ,which he received from Luhan.
Buy it here
He guessed this gift correctly :D
We still have some finds so stay tuned :D

Image Credits: MBC,Jill Stuart,HatsOn
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