Who Wore it Better? Roundup 16 (IU edition)

Wow.... we reached the 16th 'Who wore it better? post. Hope you guys enjoy them.
Now enough with the talking and on with the battles :D

Today we have a IU edition meaning we'll have IU against other idols in all of the battles.

The first battle is between her, her best friend Suzy and A Pink's Eunji.
The all wore the Check Ruffle dress from Steve J and Yoni P (click here) but. who wore it better?

IU, Suzy or Eunji


The second battle is between IU and SNSD's Tiffany.
They both were wearing the Kansas Bis Aln sweater from Zadig and Voltaire (click here)
Who wore it better?

IU or Tiffany

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The last battle is another battle between Tiffany and IU but this time they were wearing the Lucky Lip Sweatshirt from Lucky Chouette (click here)
Who wore it better?

Tiffany or IU

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