We Want You

...to join our site.

K-world Style is recruiting. We're now open to applications, but before you hit the submit button, please make sure you match the requirements:

  1. You must follow kpop and have an interest in fashion and writing.
  2. You must be 15+ years old. 
  3. You must be able to attend KPOPCON'14 at UC Berkeley on March 1st-2nd, 2014
  4. You must be willing to contribute 4-6 hours/week a minimum to KWS 
  5. We would prefer someone willing to contribute to selected social media sites (youtube, pinterest) 

If you fit the requirements and are excited to work with us, please fill out the following form with your name, email, and an email about your favorite kpop group's fashion (e.g. why you like it, what trends the group shows, your favorite music video's style, etc.). If there is strict competition, we reserve the right to ask for a sample article.
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