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TVXQ on Hello Counselor

As part of their early 2014 comeback, TVXQ were the guests for the 140120 airing of KBS Hello Counselor. As guests, they talked about some things which included stuff animals and dating. 

Hello Counselor is very keen to release stills with happy, laughing and/or smiling guests. Fits well with them since that's the atmosphere they are trying to portray.

Hello Counselor is a more comfortable variety show so many stars often opts for more casual wear like TVXQ (above) and Suzy

On Yunho is a sweater from the Korean brand TBJ, available for around 80$ here.

On Changmin is a top from Fred Perry, the Crewneck Sweater. It is available here for $125.

That is all. I will be seeing the show in two weeks when KBS Global World uploads it onto their Youtube account is anyone else?

Maria :D

Image Credits: KBS, nrml.ca, akmall.com

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