Tiffany for Vogue Girl

Continuing on from SNSD Yuri's post, now it's Tiffany's turn.

Her first outfit is the White Mini Dress from Fleamadonna (now on sale).

Next up, the Korean streetwear brand SNOB makes another appearance. Tiffany is wearing the Black Athens Hoodie and the Classy Snob Bianie (yes it;s actually spelt like that).

The skirt she's sporting is from Low Classic, and it's the Holiday Wool Skirt in Pink.

Here, she's wearing yet another piece by Low Classic, and it's the Holiday Shoulder Ribbon Dress.

Lastly, Tiffany is seen here wearing the Embroidered Mulberry Silk Skirt and Twist Detail Sweater from Burberry Prorsum.

I'm sure there will be more finds from this spread sooner or later, but that's it for now.

What do you think about the styling for this?
Do you like the girls with a more sophisticated look?
Or should they embrace a bit of street?


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