SHINee's Jonghyun at the 20's Choice Award Blue Carpet

Let us go back a bit in time to the summer of '13. Mnet had their 20's Choice Awards
They laid out a blue carpet opposed to the usual red carpet for the star-studded event. SHINee's Key, Onew and Jonghyun looked amazing on the blue carpet. Well, at least on my list, as I put them on the hot side of hot or not

From a who wore it better, we learned that Key wore pushBUTTON. Other than the obvious Moschino belt, what did Jonghyun wear?

Jonghyun's jacket is from Wacko Maria's 2013 F/W collection, Guilty Parties. As you can probably tell, the pattern on the jacket above is not the same as Jonghyun's. The one above is the Reversible Aloha Panther Jacket. The piece Jonghyun has on the picture is the Reversible Aloha Snake Jacket. The panther jacket is priced at ¥65,100 but the snake one isn't available. 

I cannot find a single picture of the jacket. However, to prove the authenticity, the two images below are both from Wacko Maria.

Img Cr:, tidally,

Maria :D

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