Not a Miniskirt

The 7 also 8 or is it 7.5 member girl group AOA (Ace of Angels) has released their MV, Miniskirt. With this title, you would think, they'd be only wearing miniskirts. Nope, in the music video, there were dresses, shorts, pencil skirts and not a lot of miniskirts.

As you can see above, member Choa was not wearing a miniskirt. I couldn't find the shorts but I found the top. It was cheap and marked down even cheaper!

Forever 21's Pucker Up Crop Top
It is available for $10.99 here.

Img Cr: FNC,

Maria :D
Legit, only reason I'm posting this is because it is so cheap. 
I have to post some more reasonable priced items so I have enough for the next affordable kfashion post. Hopefully, I'll have that out soon.

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