MMMxH&M (Wow that's a lot of M's)

A while back during SHINee's everybody promotions, Jonghyun was seen on his way to Inkigayo wearing what looked like a really oversized shirt. It looks like such a simple piece, but turns out, its the Limited Edition Oversized Leather Shirt/ Jacket from the Maison Martin Margiela collaboration for H&M.

It's sold out worldwide but i managed to find a working listing here.

Now this was an old find and I was contemplating whether or not to post it here, but the reason I did was because I came across a goat picture that reminded me a lot of Jonghyun here and since i found it really amusing seeing the resemblence, so I thought I'd share it with you guys!


Can you see it too? I'm sure it's not just me right?

img cr. H&M, woorishinee

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