Hot or Not: The Thespian Men of February

It's been a while since we've done a "hot or not". Let's take a look at the male actors in some of S. Korea's top magazines. I think the cold weather has led to some cold shoots. In general, I would love to see some more dynamic actions in these shots.

1. Lee Jong Suk - ize Magazine January Issue ‘14

Lee Jong Suk - ize Magazine January Issue ‘14
Lee Jong Suk's is known for his role in multiple CFs and in the contemporary drama, "School 2013". His shoot did not measure up to his acting skill. It was five or so head shoots. I feel like it would have been more appropriate as a shoot to find a headshoot/comp card picture. It was boring. Maybe I'm a bit bias, but I really wasn't feeling the blond hair. I did like his two rings, but everything else was lackluster at best for me. 

Overall: Not

P.S. I know this was from January, but I wanted to address him, so please forgive me for crossing months this once ^.^.

2. SHINee Tae Min - Geek Magazine February Issue ‘14
SHINee Tae Min - Geek Magazine February Issue ‘14

As you know, Taemin has been in a couple of films, including I Am and Koala Kid. OK, so maybe his filmography is a stretch, but because of his guest roles on "Dating Agency: Cyrano" and "Salamander Guru and the Gang", I'm counting him as an actor. His shoot was fun, albeit a little fake. The studio shoots were pulled off well, but I don't they were amazing. With someone as cool and talented as Taemin, I expected a little more. Still, I have to say it's....

Overall: Hot
His floral shoes: Especially Hot!

3. BTOB Min Hyuk - Men’s Health Magazine February Issue ‘14

BTOB Min Hyuk - Men’s Health Magazine February Issue ‘14Minhyuk is in the drama, "Fantasy Tower", which aired last in September (2013), so he passes our actor test. A Men's Health photoshoot is a Men's Heath photoshoot. It was predictable, hot, and masculine. Minhyuk's muscles were nice and toned, but I wish magazines didn't turn toward boxing whenever they want to show off a masculine persona and someone's abs. 

Overall: Not
Minhyuk's abs: Hot

4. Ji Chang Wook - Elle Magazine February Issue ‘14

Ji Chang Wook - Elle Magazine February Issue ‘14

Now here's a legitimate actor. Ji Chang Wook was in "Empress Ki" last year and other popular dramas like "Five Fingers" and "Bachelor's Vegetable Store". His shoot was nicely done. I appreciated the usual of effective visual elements (e.g. the smoke creates a diagonal line, which has action that contrasts his vertical body). Plus, Ji Chang Wook is pretty easy on the eyes. I think his simple styling was fitting for the masculine and contemporary image at which Elle was aiming. Elle also featured G-Dragon, who showed a similarly simplistic style. 

Overall: Hot

6. GOT7 - The Star Magazine February Issue ‘14

GOT7 - The Star Magazine February Issue ‘14

GOT7 is JYP's newest hip-hop group. I'm sure you remember members Jr. and JB from their "Dream High 2" and "When a Man Falls in Love" days-- oh yeah, and that sub-unit that had one catchy song. This shoot, despite it manufactured-ness and boxing-gloves, was cute. What better way to introduce a new group than with cute clothes and bromance? I even like the oddly-colored hair. I think the boys will grow into themselves and show us great music in the future.

Overall: Hot

Which actor(s) captured your heart the most this month?


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