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Hello again K-Stylists! Can you believe it's already my second post? Hope you're excited as I am because I would like to try a new category on this blog - hauls! I have never done one in my life before, so here goes nothing:

Nature Republic Hand Cream

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Korean skincare brand Nature Republic was launched in 2009, a pretty successful company for one that is so new. According to their Wikipedia page, their selling point is a "brand that utilizes natural ingredients for their products". Too bad the ingredients listed on all their products are in Korean (which I can't read) so there is no way for me to personally confirm. The only thing in English are directions of use.
K-pop male group EXO endorses Nature Republic along with their agency-mate Taeyeon of SNSD. The boys launched a hand cream line with a specific scent belonging to each member. To me, hand cream is just hand cream - moisturizes one's hands. They all work the same but each one smells different.
From top left to bottom right, I will comment on how each of them smell.

Rose Butter (Kai) - Floral and is not overwhelming, I like it.
Shea Butter (Xiumin) - Just like other shea butter products out there, nothing special.
Raspberry (D.O.) - Fruity and reminds me of summer, thumbs up!
Apple Mango (Baekhyun) - Interesting combination, has a pleasant smell.
Wild Cherry (Luhan) - You know that artificial cherry scent some candies and drinks have? Thank goodness this isn't like that, it smells natural.
Orange Butter (Tao) - Smells like oranges, but doesn't have that citrus-y zing. Probably because the butter muted it.
Avocado (Chanyeol) - Surprisingly, it smells so good! It actually smells fruity and not like an actual avocado.
Lavender (Suho) - One of my favorite scents is lavender and this did not fail me.
Grapefruit (Sehun) - Doesn't have that sour and tart smell real grapefruits do, which I think is great.
Peach (Chen) - Peachy (^з^)☆ (pun intended)
Vanilla (Lay) - A good balance of vanilla-ness. Some brands overdo the vanilla scent and makes me want to throw up.
Green Tea (Kris) - This scent is so unique! I don't think I have seen green tea scented lotion anywhere else. Truly one-of-a-kind and smells like green tea matcha, which makes me hungry.

There are 6 additional scents that are not represented by anyone, which are Coconut, Mango, Rosemary, Acacia, Lilac, and Brazil Nut. I didn't buy them but I did smell them and all of them with the slight exception of Rosemary smelled wonderful. Too bad they're not as publicized as the other 12 scents.

What did you think of my first-ever haul post? Any comments, suggestions, or ideas? 

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