Block B's 'Very Good' (2)

Hi everyone! My name is Shelley and I'm a new writer for K-world Style. I started out with sending tips to this blog and ended up here, aren't I lucky? I look forward to working with you all! ^_^

My first post is old stuff but new on this site. In addition to the first post of Block B's "Very Good" MV by Lauren, I'm adding onto it with the famous Tattoo Toweling Sweatshirt from KTZ's A/W 2013 Collection (real one sold out, knockoff can be purchased here). I see it often. First Block B's Zico wears it. 

Then Block B's Kyung and B-Bomb also wear it in their SBS MTV recording of "Very Good". 

Zico also wears the KTZ Symbol Bomber Jacket in the dance version, all sold out. Sorry for the poor quality, I can only get a screenshot of him.

Lastly, Block B's Jaehyo's man-skirt is also from KTZ called Fringe Skirt with Leggings, which is sold out too. So much KTZ in this music video!

 (ノ゚▽゚)ノ Shelley

Image Credit: youtube as linked, imaje.bigcartel, soompi, farfetch

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