A bit of Prime Minister & I Style Ep 8 + bonus

In this post, Yoona and Lucy Liu. Maybe a who wore it better. <3

The still above is from episode 8 of KBS Prime Minister and I starring SNSD's Yoona, Lee Bum Soo and Yoon Shin Yoon. The drama is not doing the best in ratings but is still recieving praise and accolades.  

In the episode (8), Yoona who plays Da Jung wears a dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Particularly, the one below and is named the Isa. You can buy it here.

Now bonus time!
The beautiful Lucy Liu has worn the same dress in an episode of Elementary, Internal Audit (Season 2 Episode 11). I love this show, her character and her.

Let's have a who wore it better.
Leave a comment how who's styling is better.

I think both versions because both outfits fits well with their characters and the scene. I say both win!

Img Cr: CBS, KBS, shopbop.com

Maria :D

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