Quick Find: Lizzy

Who: After School's Lizzy
The one on the right in the picture with Jungah.
What: Beroe Metallic Plaid Sweatshirt from Elizabeth and James
I love this top so much.
Where: Don't know exactly where

Affordable Kfashion (Black Friday+Cyber Monday) Updated

It's Black Friday! You know what that means, cheaper stuff and sales! Woot!
It's not quite Cyber Monday but many sites are having sales. Here's a round up just in time.

Double the SHINee: Jonghyun and Taemin

Late, late, late. Much apologies. I'm studying for my finals. Lyn found and desposited this in a draft for a while, I said I would take over but finals…happened.
Taemin at an radio show and Jonghyun at Star King!

Quick finds: Tiffany

Who: Tiffany
Where: Fashion King Korea
What: Multicolor Geometric Check Mohair Sweater from MSGM
Buy here

Jieun's Surprising Comeback (4)

We have more finds from Jieun's 'False Hope' MV.
I really liked how Jieun was dressed throughout the whole MV. The stylists did an amazing job.
For this year,I personally think she is the best dressed idol in a MV.
All of the items that we will mention are from Zara, so if you want to purchase them head to your nearest Zara store.

Here, Jieun wears the Bow Headband with crystal beads, which you can purchase online here
(I wish I knew where her dress is from Dal Shabet's Subin also wore the dress)

Influenster Maple VoxBox Unboxing

Something different!!

A very different post here. It's an unboxing. You have probably seen an Influenster VoxBox unboxing or heard of it. In USA, bloggers and Youtubers get a lot of them year round. They finally decided to have one for Canada, the Maple Voxbox, how fitting. I am in Canada so I got one!
This came fast. I ordered a gift card two weeks ago and this came here first.

I wanted to do a video but I'm sick. Nobody wants to hear a sick ramble randomly for three minutes and more.
Here is what the box looks like. It's actually smaller than it appears.

Double the Love: Suzy and Luna

Here's a pairing you don't see a lot of, Suzy and Luna. Even though they are not interacting in this post, it's strange. Hopefully, they'll have more encounters in the future because they are both great.

First up, Suzy. This is a selca on her Twitter account around the time students' college entrance exams. 

The picture is blurry but Eliza did make out the brand of the skirt. It is Moschino's F/W 2013 collection. This is the Heart Heavy Virgin Wool Tartan Skirt. It looks cheap but is actually over 1100$

Request: Jessica's Jacket

Another request, this time for SNSD's Jessica's coat at an airport by ashley choi.
Is Jessica the queen of airport fashion? Or at least SNSD's airport style queen? Who knows but we always appreciate a kpop star with good casual styling. Most definitely Jessica is one. Here she is at the airpot on 130416 at Gimpo.

The coat is by Ralph Lauren from their Denim & Supply line. It is the Patched Parka, notice how the lines nears the shoulder are different colours depending on which parka. The women's version of this has been sold out, only the men's is available here. If you want, you can view the old listing here. Also, ebay has some listings as well.

Img Cr: asos, ebay, kpopstarz

Maria :D

SNSD at MAMA 2013

More new finds from Mnet Asian Music Award.
As you may know SNSD took home the 'Best Female Group' award.
Only Seohyun and Hyoyeon were present at the award
They both wore outfits from the korean designer ARCHE's S/S 2014 collection.

SISTARly Love at MAMA 2013

As I have said yesterday, we will have more finds from the MAMA 2013.
Just like Hyuna (click here), SISTAR also opted for the designer Kwak Hyun Joo.
They wore outfits from the S/S 2014 collection.

Request: Hyuna's Boots

Request time! It's from Jenny Chen! Yay.
This request is for Trouble Maker's Hyuna's boots during multiple performances and appearances including Inkigayo, Mnet Countdown and 2013 MAMA.

I planned to post this about two days ago but somehow I was too busy on the weekends? It was strange how I didn't have time on the weekends. Then Monday came and suddenly my schedule cleared up. It became a pattern for weeks now. My weekends were strange and still are. That aside, I wanted to fill me all the leftover posts during the weekend. That plan didn't work out either. :/

These boots are actually affordable! :O
They are by Style Nanda, the Back-Zip Platform Ankle Booties available for 58$ here.

Missing you: Dara (3)

No 2NE1 Music video is complete without Balmain. They've favoured the brand for so many years and they definitely aren't stopping now.
In this MV, Dara wears the Gold Striped Rex Rabbit Jacket which you may find here while contemplating a chess move.

Want more Missing You finds? Check out our other posts: 

img cr. YGent, luisaviaroma

Trouble Making at the MAMA 2013

The 2013 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Award) is over and we haven't had the chance to talk about the fashion. First let's start with Hyuna with Hyunseung forming the duo Trouble Maker has fired up the stage with their newest song 'Now'. It ended in quite a way that was surprising yet not.

She was wearing a really detailed top from Kwak Hyun Joo's S/S 2014 collection.
Luckily, Hyuna wasn't wearing the top as the model did, or we would've seen more than expected.

TVXQ's 2014 Calendar

It seems both f(x) and TVXQ are supporting Korean designers for their 2014 calendar cover. Isn't that wonderful? 

Here's someone we have not posted on before, Munsoo Kwon.
Both what Changmin and Yunho are wearing are by Munsoo Kwon's F/W 2013 collection.
There are no online stockist for the particular pieces. Revovle do stock Changmin's sweater but in another colour. Go here if you want to see it.

Lovf(Victoria and Sulli)

More f(x), more love!
On 131122, as part of their Lovcat duties, 4/5 (Amber, Luna, Sulli and Victoria) of f(x) had a fansign. Krystal was not present most likely due to Heirs.

Fansigns are a great way to view some more personal choices kpop stars may have on their outfit choices. However, they are still done by stylists since they are public appearances. Oh well, at least we have airport fashion but then again most of the time they are sponsored in some way. All that's left are selcas and paparazzi photos. :(

Oh well...
Let's start with Victoria. :D
This flawfree goddess is wearing an AllSaints jacket, the same style in black as another flawfree goddess Song Ji Hyo has worn. This Pitch Leather Biker Jacket is available here. The shoes are by Aldo also like Song Ji Hyo. The style of the booties is Detmold and you can buy them here. The bag is obviously Lovcat, one of their best sellers in their F/W 2013 collection.

Jieun's Surprising Comeback (3)

There's some Heirs and KARA in here too.

It's been a while Jieun. Is anyone still enjoying her False Hope song and/or music video?
Her styling, makeup and hair are all impeccable in the music video. It is better than any Secret music video, way to set your priorities straight TS Entertainment. Joking

Well let's get started. The first item is a necklace by the Korean jewelry brand, Jewel County. They call this piece Byzantine Feeling Emerald Crystal Necklace. The price isn't too bad but you have to be in South Korea to buy it

Saint Song Ji Hyo at the Airport Heading to MAMA 2013

MAMA 2013! Yay! or Yay? or Nay?
Half a yay for me but I hate the name.
One of the attendees, Song Ji Hyo, visited the airport to go to Hong Kong on 131121. She looked so good on the red carpet and so stylish at the airport. I just loved every part of her outfit so I had to find the clothes. I only found two but hey better than nothing right?

The jacket is from the brand AllSaints, the Forest Leather Biker Jacket. It is available for a pretty penny here. The boots are by the brand Aldo, it is the Holta model. The price is not too bad at $130, click here to buy.

Because Song Ji Hyo looked so good, more images for your eyes pleasure.

Image Credits: starn, osen, mbn, allsaints, aldo

Maria :D

Request: BoA's Message

An older request of BoA's dress on Message/Call My Name double Japanese single album cover. I believe, she also wears it in the music video.

After looking for it a while back, I have found it by accident while looking at dresses for Suzy.
What a lucky coincidence.

BoA's dress is a collaboration between Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony.
This is the Big Sur dress and available to buy here.

Img Cr: Avex Trax, farfetch

Maria :D

f(x)'s 2014 Calendar: everyone

SM has released f(x)'s 2014 calender. Did anyone buy it yet? :D
As always they look stunning.

Now let's find out what they are wearing, shall we?
I'll post the pictures from left to right starting with Luna.

Luna, Sulli and Amber are wearing pieces from GOEN.J's F/W 2013 collection.
Krystal and Victoria are wearing outfits from boy + Push Button capsule collection. You may recognize Krystal's skirt because Tiffany also has worn a jacket with the same print, click here to see.

I especially like Victoria's dress with the winged pockets.

'Who wore it better?' recap (1)

So far we had 12 'who wore it better?' round-ups.
You guys vote on the poll but, you don't actually know who wins in the end.
So, I decided to post the winners from round-up 1 to round-up 10.
So let's get started.

Sooyoung VS Tiffany

WINNER: Sooyoung

Missing You, Minzy

 It's finally Minzy turn! 2NE1's maknae is last in with our Missing You ID's. Nevertheless, she looks fabulous.

YSL's famous Le Smoking Jacket, what I would do to get one.
Oh Minzy, how I envy you so much right now.
If you want to buy and can afford this chic and timeless jacket, go here.

Missing You, CL

Next we have our fierce leader, CL.
In this scene, CL wears an outfit from … you won't guess it … Saint Laurent F/W 2013 collection.
 The dress is available here for 8490$ and the Saint Laurent checked cardigan here.

Missing You, Dara (2)

Maria came in to the rescue and wrote the text so …. Thank you Maria :D

It's Dara's turn again! More fashion ID's from 2NE1's latest music video, Missing You.

You think GD wears the most Saint Laurent in kpop? Nope, not anymore. Just with their one music video, 2NE1 has taken the crown from G-Dragon.

Dara's dress is cute. It's the perfect dress for lolitas.
 However, cuteness never justifies the price when it comes to Saint Laurent. This Signature School Girl Dress is priced at 3490$.

Missing You, Dara (1)

More 2NE1's Missing You finds! WOOT!
This time we have the second oldest, Dara, and she is beautiful as always.  Dara also wore a outfit straight from Saint Laurent's F/W 2013 collection. Her cardigan is the Star Intarsia knit cardigan (buy here) and the dress is the Floral Silk dress, which you can buy here.

Missing You, Bom (2)

We are not stopping the Missing You fashion finding train. This time it is 2NE1's Bom, again.
Here we are with the second part (you can check the first part here.)

In this scene, Bom wears and outfit straight from the runway, to be more exact it's from Saint Laurent's F/W 2013 collection. Apparently, this Saint Laurent flannel shirt is worth over $1000.
:/ :'(

Missing You, Bom (1)

Yay we have discovered more finds in 2NE1's Missing You music video.

I have decided to split the posts by each member.
First, let's start with the oldest, Park Bom.

The first and the second find are from Versace's F/W 2013 collection. 
 I censored the above photo...hihi

Ming Xi!
The third find is also from Versace and it's the Fox Fur jacket.
The price?....19439 euros...wow
Don't believe me? See it for yourself here.
I wonder how much money did they spend for the clothes from the MV.
Billions, trillions, gazillions? But then again, everything was probably sponsored.

She paired the jacket with the Janis side zip boots from Saint Laurent.
Buy them here.

 More finds from Park Bom and the other member of 2NE1 coming right up.

Credits:YG, Saint Laurent, Versace, Farfetch

Want more Missing You finds? Click the links below.

I'm Missing You (1)

We haven't had a 2NE1 find in a while but... 2NE1 is back with their newest song 'Missing You'. A new song means a new MV and new MV means new finds. Yay.
All of the finds from this post are tips from Yuan Han.
Thank you Yuan Han :D

Jess by Jessica Jung

Airport picture from 130913, a time the weather permitted short skirts. 

Hello Jessica, sorry for we left you in Blogger drafts for over a month. Fortunately, we finally remembered you…now. At least, we posted crazily about your group, SNSD. All's well right?

You aren't too pleased (judging by your face) but at least the guy in the back is happy to be free.

That aside, the cardigan Jessica wears is by Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, the Leopard Print Cardigan. What else can it be called? Buy it here

Img Cr: tv daily, farfetch? (I didn't make the image)

A Necklace Luna Wore

Congratulations to f(x) on their win of MBC Music Star Award at the Melon Music Awards 2013. Luna was there as a representative of f(x) and accepted the award. Her necklace was perfect for the occasion.

At first I thought the necklace was by Forever 21 or Topshop. That was wrong.

This was from the Korean brand Monday Edition. Named the  M.E "me" bold chain necklace (X).
On Luna, the bigger chain's was reversed with the clip in front; that created a V-shape opposed to the usual oval shape. 

Get it? "me" = M.E = Monday Edition.

Img Cr: [email protected], monday edition

Maria :D 

Request: Donghae and Eunhyuk

Double request with double the Super Junior members. This is a request by Vivian for two coats the Super Junior subunit/duo Donghae & Eunhyuk has worn.

The jackets are the same brand even though they are worn in separate occasions at the airport during the days of 130611 for Donghae and 131114 for Eunhyuk.

In the order of the request, first up, Donghae.
The coat, in the pap pictures is too dark; the coat itself is actually a rich navy blue. This is the military jacket by Thom Browne (buy here).

Kpop Fashion Trend Fall 2013: Plaid

Warning: Image Heavy

Plaid, plaid, plaid it's everywhere!

Let's not get technical. Typically people just associate the crisscrossing of thick lines to be plaid. Actually this type of pattern can be the following: plaid, tartan, gingham, checkered, check or madras. There are even more terms, but an everyday person's typical view of plaid is all of these things in a grouping (sometimes without gingham). Stylists may be different, but for a simpler sake, we'll just assume everything here is plaid.

Let's say it all started with f(x)'s Rum Pum Pum Pum comeback in late summer. After that, pushBUTTON and Steve J and Yoni P's Fall/Winter 2013 collection blew up with their plaid patterns. Now, it's the go to pattern for idol groups for customized individuality during performances.

Who Wore it Better? Roundup 12 IU Edition

Here we are again with a new edition of 'who wore it better?'
Today we'll have an all IU edition.

The first battle is between IU and Girl's Day's Yura.
They both were wearing the Moschino embroidered blouse dress (click here)

Who wore it better?

IU or Yura

Weekly IU

On November 6, IU made her first appearance on MBC's Weekly Idol.
The random dance part was really funny (watch the episode click here).

IU was wearing the Marine Sailor Blouse from Lucky Chouette. (buy it here)

Decked out in Burberry Porsum (large post)

At the 2013 Melon Music Awards, SHINee scored not only their fist big win of Artist of the Year Daesang (on their 2000th day of debut too), but also had one of the most memorable looks for the red carpet.

Bom's Flitter Arms

In 2NE1's recent airport shots, Park Bom wears a wicked sweater!
 I just had to know where it was from.
Turned out, the sweater was from Star Styling, and named the Flitter Arms Sweater in Black/Multi.

It's now on my wishlist, if I ever save up enough to get it.
(Yes that's how much i love it!)

img cr. Wstarnews, starstyling

B!tchy Shorts?

If the title seems weird to you, wait till you see the rest of the post.
Recently, the brand Bitching and Junkfood (I kid you not) has been popular amongst kpop artists. Most recently, it made an appearance in SNSD's new Japanese MV My Oh My.

MC Sooyoung

As you may already knew, SNSD's  Sooyoung along with Yoon Dohyun became the MCs for SBS's Midnight TV Entertainment. It was the perfect format for sponsors for utilization of Sooyoung's fashionable status. We previously posted many finds (1 and 2).

A bit more Heirs Style: Ep 10

Unlike the last post with Lee Min Ho, this one includes Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang and Kim Woobin as Choi Young Do.

Oh Heirs. Congratulations to getting the highest ratings yet at 15.6! Strangely, Secret Love still beats them even at such a high number. Good luck for the next ratings battle! It's sad, Medical Top Team is no where in the fight with a rating of 3.9. 

I have found more screencaps of episode 10 of Heirs! Praise to the Chinese fans for high quality and large screen captures. Thanks to them, I have "seen" the whole episode. It looks about the same as a typical Kdrama.

A bit of Heirs Style: Ep 10

It's official, SBS's Heirs is a hit! Well, not as big as KBS's Secret Love but who says two dramas can't shine in the same time slot? The only bad thing is that MBC's Medical Top Team is suffering bad.

I haven't watched the drama but the stills look beautiful; after all, it's a beautiful cast. Since most of the high schoolers are rich, of course, their clothes are high end and expensive. Heirs Episode 10's fashion is no exception. There is only a little bit here since because of the limited amount of screencaps I have found. Screencapping myself is not an option since I won't last watching an episode. Also, I don't know where to watch it in super HD.

There are a few instances of cheaper clothing in the drama, here's one.

No idea what is going on here.
Lee Min Ho who plays Kim Tan wears a Paul Smith sweater with a houndstooth pattern. It is available to buy here.

Requests: Key, Soyeon, Kim Tan, Kim Woobin

Continuation from the last one. I ran out of space for tags so I split the post in half.

1. SHINee's Key in Everybody MV

Requests: Win, Sehun, Hyuna, Song Ji Hyo

Ah… requests. We try to help as much as we can but we do not have time. Sorry.
Instead of posting each request individually, here's one collective post to save time. Also, this is sorta filler. 

1. Koo Junhoe (Win Team B)

Jia, The Space Innovator

Hush, hush now. Miss A's Jia may be from space? No...she's not from space but is an innovator of space? To clarify things up, here's Dispatch's shot of her private life that may signal something. However, everything here looks normal. Miss A is walking, can you believe it?

The picture of the four looks like a stolen shot of models outside after walking in a prominent fashion show. Suzy is the delirious one, Jia's the bubbly one with the eccentric style, Min is the one who can't catch a break and Fei is the photogenic exotic beauty.

The bubbly one's style consists of two pieces from Joyrich's latest collection. The top is the Space Innovation knit top (available here) and the Space Innovation skirt (98$).

Bom's Huge Box

On 131111 (October 11 aka Pocky Day aka Pepero Day ), 2NE1's Park Bom posted on Instagram a photo of herself with a giant Pocky box. Fact: Pocky is the Japanese equivalent of Pepero.
~That box is HUGE~

My Oh My Seohyun

Quite a bit of SNSD lately on our website huh? Somehow it's just the season. At least there is something new this time; it's Seohyun, someone we have not posted on in a while. 

This webpage is dedicated to Seohyun's multicoloured plaid shirt in the My Oh My music video by SNSD. We have previously posted Yuri's tee here. Unlike Yuri's affordable tee, the maknae's shirt costs quite a bit. *insert sad face*

The customization is great, the studs and chains make the shirt look better than the original. SNSD's stylists are alway amazing, they are so on point ever since The Boys. Their stylists really deserve some major props because I Got a Boy is flawlessly styled and the nine members' have amazing fashion to each of their never-ending public appearances.

Oops kind of went off topic. Back to the main topic, this blouse Seohyun wears is by Equipment, the Signature plaid. If you are willing to hand over $500, you can buy it here.
Img Cr: SMEnt, farfetch

What an amazing kpop news day with…wow too much to list. How are you taking the news today?

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