Tip: 3-2-1 Minho + 4 more

Yay, more SHINee~ Fashion finds from their Japanese 3-2-1 MV again. We went through three of the members, now it's Minho's turn! First up we have a tip from gwiboonie via email.

The shoes Minho are wearing are from Reebok, the Pump Fury. The specific colours, I cannot find. The ones pictured above are available here and a grey/grey pair here.

The rest has been resting in a draft for quite a while.
This is by Acne Studios, the Isherwood Shirt, available here for $200.

The top may look familiar as Amber has worn it before. Both items are from Joyrich's Car Camp collection, shirt here and shorts here.

Last item, may look familiar too, Taemin has worn it before.
This is the Zone Music Grey tank by Acne Studios, get it here.

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Maria :D

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