How Nail Polish Names Remind Me of Kpop

Self-explantory title.
Before reading, this post is image heavy and may not make the most sense.

This is simply a tie-in for something else later.

When you are so into K-pop, eventually everything reminds you of K-pop. I love nail polish and I look through swatches all the time. Sometimes I'm like "omg it's (insert idol name) in a bottle!" So many nail polish names always remind me of a certain person or a certain song and everything and anything K-pop.

I have had this idea for a long time but never really tried laying it out into a draft. I have just finished my final exams and it's like why not? I have suffered enough writing for all those hours, now, finally something fun to write. This post will hopefully be enjoyable.

Let's start!

img cr: sm and
I went to Sephora one day and picked this up from their nail bar. Skinny Jeans…=…SHINee. Honestly, the first thing I thought of after seeing the nail was SHINee. How they made colourful skinny jeans a trend ever since their debut in 2008.

img cr: emi music japan and
Haha this one, I can get heat from. 
Most people know about that controversy surrounding T-ara with that glutinous rice confection and a past member. But this nail polish's title, Let Them Eat Rice Cake by OPI is positive. T-ara is not caring about the opinions of the haters as they simply tell them to go eat a rice cake. 

img cr: and mbc
Amber = llama
iLLAMAasqua, need I explain more?

img cr: cube and
China Glaze's Harvest Moon is part of the Hunger Games collection, Capitol Colors.
Instead of thinking about Katniss or the video game, I only can think of the wonderfully pretty pictures Cube has released for 2yoon's debut album artwork.

img cr: wet n' wild
"Oppa didn't mean it."
"Oppa saranghae!!!!!"

img cr: and
2NE1's official fan club's name is Blackjack. Sephora must be 2NE1 fans. It's just a pretty nail polish.

img cr:
This one is very specific. I group the words "like a virgin" to a specific picture of Key wearing a tee at the airport. Like 3 years ago we posted on the tee here. ♫like a virgin touched for the very first time ♫
All Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are amazing.

img cr: sbs and
The National MC and Grasshopper, Yoo Jae Suk. His grasshopper dance is really the best. I will always associate grasshoppers with him.  Unlike his legacy, BB Couture's Grasshopper is now discontinued.

img cr: Dispatch and

These two idols weren't really undercover. However, all idol couples we do not know about are all undercover. When I see this nail colour, I just think of all the possible shocking couples that are out there…undercover. 

img cr: yg and
Why so serious?
Get your crayon! Get your crayon! Get your cray! Get your  
lemon? Eh…close enough!

img cr: ipkn and
Butter London's Queen Vic is supposed to represent the actual Queen Victoria. To me, Song Qian is the best queen. She is the queen of…being the most famous K-pop idol that's attended the Beijing Academy of Dance? When I wear this nail polish, I just think of Victoria being a queen.

Maria :D

You'll see the tie-in soon enough.

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