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How Nail Polish Names Remind Me of Kpop

Self-explantory title.
Before reading, this post is image heavy and may not make the most sense.

This is simply a tie-in for something else later.

When you are so into K-pop, eventually everything reminds you of K-pop. I love nail polish and I look through swatches all the time. Sometimes I'm like "omg it's (insert idol name) in a bottle!" So many nail polish names always remind me of a certain person or a certain song and everything and anything K-pop.

I have had this idea for a long time but never really tried laying it out into a draft. I have just finished my final exams and it's like why not? I have suffered enough writing for all those hours, now, finally something fun to write. This post will hopefully be enjoyable.

Let's start!

img cr: sm and amazon.com
I went to Sephora one day and picked this up from their nail bar. Skinny Jeans…=…SHINee. Honestly, the first thing I thought of after seeing the nail was SHINee. How they made colourful skinny jeans a trend ever since their debut in 2008.

img cr: emi music japan and amazon.com
Haha this one, I can get heat from. 
Most people know about that controversy surrounding T-ara with that glutinous rice confection and a past member. But this nail polish's title, Let Them Eat Rice Cake by OPI is positive. T-ara is not caring about the opinions of the haters as they simply tell them to go eat a rice cake. 

img cr: illamasqua.com and mbc
Amber = llama
iLLAMAasqua, need I explain more?

img cr: cube and amazon.com
China Glaze's Harvest Moon is part of the Hunger Games collection, Capitol Colors.
Instead of thinking about Katniss or the video game, I only can think of the wonderfully pretty pictures Cube has released for 2yoon's debut album artwork.

img cr: wet n' wild
"Oppa didn't mean it."
"Oppa saranghae!!!!!"

img cr: ygladies.com and amazon.com
2NE1's official fan club's name is Blackjack. Sephora must be 2NE1 fans. It's just a pretty nail polish.

img cr: amazon.com
This one is very specific. I group the words "like a virgin" to a specific picture of Key wearing a tee at the airport. Like 3 years ago we posted on the tee here. ♫like a virgin touched for the very first time ♫
All Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are amazing.

img cr: sbs and rightonthenail.com
The National MC and Grasshopper, Yoo Jae Suk. His grasshopper dance is really the best. I will always associate grasshoppers with him.  Unlike his legacy, BB Couture's Grasshopper is now discontinued.

img cr: Dispatch and amazon.com

These two idols weren't really undercover. However, all idol couples we do not know about are all undercover. When I see this nail colour, I just think of all the possible shocking couples that are out there…undercover. 

img cr: yg and amazon.com
Why so serious?
Get your crayon! Get your crayon! Get your cray! Get your  
lemon? Eh…close enough!

img cr: ipkn and amazon.com
Butter London's Queen Vic is supposed to represent the actual Queen Victoria. To me, Song Qian is the best queen. She is the queen of…being the most famous K-pop idol that's attended the Beijing Academy of Dance? When I wear this nail polish, I just think of Victoria being a queen.

Maria :D

You'll see the tie-in soon enough.

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