Tip about Sehun's Shoes

We have a tip from Tani today. Thank you!
This one is regarding EXO's maknae, Sehun's shoes on their EXO 2014 Calendar cover.

Apologies for all the tips that are left un-posted. I just had my final exams and the person who usually checks the emails is not there. Since I have finished my tests, I'll get them up. Sorry again.


In this image above, Sehun is the one standing at the very left.
What he is wearing on his feet are a pair of Vans Leopard Old Skool. They are available for $65 here.

Wow, so many SM's calendar finds, from f(x) to SNSD to TVXQ, now EXO!

Img Cr: sm, solecollector.com

Maria :D

Once again, thanks Tani!

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